AIP Programmable Fire-Control Unit for AEG

  • Model: EU-FCU
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  • Manufactured by: AIP
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Production Model : EU-FCU

- Supported battery: 2-12.6V ( recommended using 2-3 cell Li-Po Battery pack )
- Programmable 2-12 and 30 shot bursts
- Fast Response and high efficiency, suitable for high power upgrades.

- Enhances the electricity gun reaction time. Trigger switch after long-term processing high-tension current brings about the flame, the carbonization, the resistance rise, finally trigger slow reaction. But most major problem not in that little resistance rise, but will lie in the carbonized phenomenon to further cause the switch metal to wear down, bringing about bad contact, aggravating flame carbonization? Continue the vicious circle like this, will happen one day the switch wears down to cannot contact, when pull the trigger the response (has not used lithium electricity even more should specially to use fet, because current ratio is bigger with cable telegram, electric power switch good wound, even more will be actually able to display with fet the lithium electricity potency). But in MOS in the FET electric circuit, the trigger will only hold the post by the micro electric current sends a message the role, will swing controls the field effect tube processing high-tension current, will avoid this question.

- Because time pull the trigger in battery's electric current is released all of a sudden, the amperage may strengthen largely in the flash, leads the electrical machinery violent revolution, has the possibility to tear to pieces stiffly the tall ladder. MOS the FET electric circuit the excessive electric current filtration, avoids this crisis.

- When pull the trigger, the switch is not contacts completely in physics, therefore the electric current is unstable, presents the vibration phenomenon, reduces the whole operation potency. MOS the FET electric circuit's field effect tube puts through when the electric circuit vibration is very small, may maintain the smooth electric current supply. Reduces the part loss and the potency waste greatly.

Major Color : Other
Built Material : Metal / Rubber / Plastic